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Explore Finnish wildlife with us

The story of Enicare Oy

Enicare Oy (under the name Luontoisa in 2019) is a micro-company established in 2011 for which I, Erja, mainly work. I am a qualified nature and wilderness guide, as well as a registered nurse. After working as a nurse for a long time, I grew day-by-day more assured of the idea of working outdoors in the nature. I ended up resigning from my permanent position at the hospital in 2011, became a freelance nurse, and established a health and wellness company. In the end, the company’s activities focused on natural well-being, e.g. through the organization of work capacity promotion days. In 2014, I wanted to strengthen my nature skills and applied for nature and wilderness guide studies at Eerikkilä Sports Institute. After completing my nature and wilderness guide qualification in 2015, I began to focus more on the company.

Depending on the situation, my husband Pasi also works hard for the company. He also has long experience in both entrepreneurship and hiking. Pasi has once taught me how to kayak and we have had great excursions with him, both kayaking and now for the past ten years also sailing. Our family also includes two adult sons whose lives, due to their parents and grandparents, are closely intertwined with wilderness and nature. Both have spent time in the nature and on the waters with their grandparents and us since they were little boys. Both have been hard-working scouts, and both scouting and hiking in general are still strongly involved in their adult lives.

When I established my company in 2011, my idea was to familiarize our customers specifically to the local nature, and to emphasize the notion that you do not always have to go further than the sea for fish. We have great tourist and hiking landscapes here in Janakkala, Häme, and in Finland in general! Local tourism has become a literate boom with climate change being a serious topic.

How can I help you, your family, or your work community to find relaxation, peace and well-being in the nature? I organize themed hiking, snowshoeing and canoeing trips, as well as natural, woodland adventures and meditation moments in the nature with different durations. Let’s come up with a trip that suits you and your group together! Contact us!

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