Outdoor Activities

March 05, 2017

Wintertime activities

IMG_20161230_174637What to do when lakes are frozen? Of course prepare for next season! Boat’s wine for season 2017 is already selected: Piedemonte Reserva 2011. November and December were perfect period for extensive wine tasting.

The rudder is opened and drying in our house’s boiler room. In few weeks I’m going to fill the rudder with epoxy foam and laminate the back together. Negotiations with my wife are still ongoing if I could convert the living room to a laminating workshop.

The biggest challenge lies in the middle of boats cabin. The “old faithful” Volvo Penta MD5 suffers from overheating problems. It’s time to remove the cylinder head and clean up engine’s water channels. The cylinder head is now removed and at the first glance we saw that there is _a_ _lot_ of rust and debris in the water channels. Some channels were originally ca. 10 mm but now there is only a couple of millimeters hole.

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