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April 26, 2017

Summer is cancelled

Or if not cancelled then at least delayed. Photo taken 25.4. from our yard:


While waiting for the summer I decided to update the electrical system to fulfill modern requirements. The original electrical system had only six switches and six fuses. In past years new devices have been added without giving too much thoughts to overall architecture. The end result was terrible mess where wiring looked like spaghetti and wire diameters were too small in almost every case. The “funniest” thing was masts lightning protection with 0,75 mm2 wire or perhaps at some point someone has tried to use the mast as VHF antenna you never know because the wire was cut in the middle. Now I understand also why the engine didn’t always crank, battery cable ends were loose.

To document the outcome to offspring / future owners I used free tinycad program.


There is still a lot to do before Filia can be launched. I hope it will be cold for next couple of weeks!

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