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April 26, 2017

s/y Filia

dsc_0235karhunkammenThe Inshore Sailing blog tries to convince that sailing at lakes is possible and can be rewarding.

Maintenance is an essential part of sailing, especially if you are a do-it-yourself person. Warning – DIY stuff below!

May 03, 2017

Volvo-Penta MD5 runs again

This is so nice to listen. And watch. And watch again. And listen once more.

After putting everything back together and fitting the engine to its tight compartment the next task was diesel system bleeding. It was relatively easy as there are several online sources for manuals. The engine started at first key turn after 3 seconds. Water and oil seems to be staying inside the engine at their own routes. I think I deserved a beer. Just one.


April 26, 2017

Summer is cancelled

Or if not cancelled then at least delayed. Photo taken 25.4. from our yard:


While waiting for the summer I decided to update the electrical system to fulfill modern requirements. The original electrical system had only six switches and six fuses. In past years new devices have been added without giving too much thoughts to overall architecture. The end result was terrible mess where wiring looked like spaghetti and wire diameters were too small in almost every case. The “funniest” thing was masts lightning protection with 0,75 mm2 wire or perhaps at some point someone has tried to use the mast as VHF antenna you never know because the wire was cut in the middle. Now I understand also why the engine didn’t always crank, battery cable ends were loose.

To document the outcome to offspring / future owners I used free tinycad program.


There is still a lot to do before Filia can be launched. I hope it will be cold for next couple of weeks!

March 19, 2017

Volvo Penta MD5 more findings

When studying more detailed the old faithful I found that there is something wrong with the thermostat housing. The hole inside the housing seemed to be a little odd when compared to a new housing: 


Due to corroded and way too big hole the cold water from water pump leaked directly to exhaust without going into engine. The situation was even worse because water channels inside the engine were full of rust and debris. The hole shall be around 5-6 mm to allow cooling water to enter exhaust pipe when engine is cold and thermostat is closed.

Unfortunately the thermostat housing has become obsolete. You are not able to buy it as replacement part anymore. I considered as an option to 3D scan the housing and to make a new part from aluminium with milling machine. But before that I decided to show the part to our local mechanics workshop Turengin Konepaja. They managed to fix the hole by welding with only 20 euros!


March 05, 2017

Wintertime activities

IMG_20161230_174637What to do when lakes are frozen? Of course prepare for next season! Boat’s wine for season 2017 is already selected: Piedemonte Reserva 2011. November and December were perfect period for extensive wine tasting.

The rudder is opened and drying in our house’s boiler room. In few weeks I’m going to fill the rudder with epoxy foam and laminate the back together. Negotiations with my wife are still ongoing if I could convert the living room to a laminating workshop.

The biggest challenge lies in the middle of boats cabin. The “old faithful” Volvo Penta MD5 suffers from overheating problems. It’s time to remove the cylinder head and clean up engine’s water channels. The cylinder head is now removed and at the first glance we saw that there is _a_ _lot_ of rust and debris in the water channels. Some channels were originally ca. 10 mm but now there is only a couple of millimeters hole.

November 25, 2016

Rudder – Part I

34,8 kg, tämä ei ole vastasyntyneen paino vaan Filian peräsimen paino irroitettuna ja punnittuna. Paino kertoo, että peräsimessä on vajaa 10 litraa vettä sisällä. Pakkanen yhdistettynä suljetussa tilassa olevaan veteen ei tee hyvää rakenteille ja peräsin onkin vuosien varrella hieman pullistunut toiselta kyljeltä.

Toistaiseksi kaikki on mennyt kuin Strömsössä. Pultit aukesivat, mikään ei ollut jumissa ja puslatkin suorastaan putosivat syliin. Yläpään puslassa on “selvä” klappi ulkopuolen kehään, se heiluu silmin nähden ja sormin tuntuen vannasputkessa. Peräsimen ollessa paikallaan sitä pystyi heiluttamaan yli sentin eteen-taakse kohtuullisella voimalla. Siinä samalla pitää siis vaihtaa laakeriholkit.

Onneksi luokkaliitollamme on mainiot nettisivut foorumeineen www.fe83.org/forum jossa on useita kuvauksia tämänkin remontin teosta. Foorumilta löytyy vastaus kaikkeen. Tai ainakin kaikkeen mikä liittyy FE83 veneeseen.


November 12, 2016


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November 06, 2016

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